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Akimbo, Brutal and Bloody Guns

Have you watched the Guns Akimbo movie? Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving, this action comedy movie directed by Jason Lei Howden. The Guns Akimbo movie tells Miles of a video game developer. Miles who are nerds like to show off in cyberspace, especially fun trolling trolls on social media. Now his life totally changed when he had to deal with an organization for killing games called Skimz. You can watch it on 123 movies.

The Skimz leader and his crew came directly to Miles’s place, beat and sedated him. Because of the fad of Miles, Skimz also has a plan to include Miles in the game. Miles woke up with a pistol held in his hand which could not be removed.

He became the next participant in a deadly match in the real world that flows online. Miles was given 24 hours to fight to the death against Nix, the crazy killer of the defending champion in the game. He tried to avoid Nix and refused to fight, but one by one the closest people to Miles were threatened with death if Miles did not fight. There is no other way, Miles must fight Nix. Is it successful Miles?

The Guns Akimbo movie presents a brutal adventure full of madness and blood. The movie seems to be inspired by a variety of streaming video games but the hardcore version, where killing feels legal. All are shed in this movie.

Maybe you remember the movie Nerve, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, where they get money by following streaming games by doing challenges from the audience. The difference is in the Akimbo Guns movie, players play sadistic and someone has to die. The storyline is not difficult to digest, but this movie shows pictures that are quite explicit. So you have to be 17 years or older to enjoy the movie, Jason Lei Howden.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the character of Miles who is clumsy but has to fight tooth and nail to survive the game. Here the figure of Harry Potter attached to him is instantly gone. We see Daniel as Miles who is sleek and witty. In addition, the appearance that stole the attention was Samara Weaving. After appearing badass in the movies Babysitter (2017) and Ready Or Not (2019), the Australian actress appeared crazy as Nix. He did not know giving up on hunting Miles. You have to prepare for a bloody scene. Starting from the shootout until the severing of the fingers that make you ache. In addition to being full of blood spurting, this movie is also full of exciting scenes and quite humorous through the script spoken by the character Miles.

Guns Akimbo’s movie presents the brutal action of a game, plus entertaining humor. Daniel Radcliffe really performed nicely and threw away his wand in this movie. Message delivered, be careful on the internet, do not let your behavior backfire.